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FreeSWITCH is a scalable open source cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media.  It was created in 2006 to fill the void left by proprietary commercial solutions. FreeSWITCH also provides a stable telephony platform on which many telephony applications can be developed using a wide range of free tools. More

FreeSWITCH 1.0.5pre8 Has Arrived!

Submitted by mcollins on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 18:09

It's that time - everyone needs to update to the latest 1.0.5 pre-release. Those running SVN trunk please make current as soon as you reasonably can. If you're still running 1.0.4 please make your preparations for upgrading. 1.0.5pre8 is more stable than 1.0.4 so please make arrangements to update systems. We are starting to get a deluge of bug reports for 1.0.4 that have long since been fixed in the 1.0.5 pre-releases (and, naturally, in the latest SVN trunk).
The 1.0.5pre8 tarball can be downloaded here.
If you find bugs please report them to JIRA immediately! Also, be sure to follow up on your bug reports. We've had to close some bugs because the those reporting have not responded to requests for further information.
Thanks for being a great community! With your help we will have 1.0.5 out the door very soon.