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FreeSWITCH Weekly News and Notes

Submitted by mcollins on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 16:57

Greetings everyone!
As you may know the FreeSWITCH team is continuing to update the project's infrastructure. Among other things this includes getting ready for IPv6. Last week Brian West finished getting several of our servers all set up to handle IPv6 traffic. These includes and Thank you to all those who did testing and gave us valuable feedback.
On last week's conference call we enjoyed our very own Ken Rice giving us some great reminders on how to gather data for troubleshooting as well as tips on opening bug reports in Jira. We had a number of users comment on how useful it was to see examples of how to do this. The audio is up in the usual location and we have a community member who is preparing a video which will be posted as soon as it is ready.
This week we have Chad Engler from Patlive coming to discuss with us his node-esl library. Chad has made the code available here on Github. He has included an interesting channel monitor example to give you an idea of what can be done by combining node.js with ESL. We look forward to hearing more about it on this week's conference call.
Have a great week!