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FreeSWITCH is a scalable open source cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media.  It was created in 2006 to fill the void left by proprietary commercial solutions. FreeSWITCH also provides a stable telephony platform on which many telephony applications can be developed using a wide range of free tools. More

FreeSWITCH Weekly News and Notes

Submitted by mcollins on Mon, 12/10/2012 - 20:31

We are glad to report that the FreeSWITCH team has tagged version You can download the tarball here. Anyone using 1.2.5.x should update as soon as possible. We appreciate all those who have helped us with testing and tracking down some sneaky and pernicious little bugs.

On last week's conference call we spent some time talking about the XML parser and some of its pre-processor directives. We discussed specifically how you can use the "exec" command to execute a shell script in the middle of XML processing. We also discussed a few tricks on how to look at the source code when you need to learn about some FreeSWITCH functionality that otherwise is not documented. This week's conference call subject is still pending, so stay tuned!

One other item I'd like to mention is that we've had several reports of FreeSWITCH success stories. We will be providing more information about those in upcoming stories on our Web site. We've got people using FreeSWITCH in various situations as well as software developers who've
added support for FreeSWITCH to their offerings. The FreeSWITCH ecosystem continues to grow and flourish! Thank you all for being a part of it.

Take care and have a great week!