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We'll introduce and which can be used to create and close JIRA issues from command line. 

Getting the Scripts

Both script are under support-d/utils in  FreeSWITCH™ source tree. If you don't want to clone the repository in your machine, here's the directly link for them:

Reporting bugs to JIRA

With you can submit new issues from your command line interface. There's a few dependencies that we need to install to make it properly work.

You'll need CPAN to install those deps, more information here.

Install Perl deps
cpan install Getopt::Long JIRA::REST Mozilla::CA 

(depending on your platform you'll need to run with sudo). 

The script has a few options that can be used, if none are provided it'll open your editor (Emacs or Vi) and ask for required data.

Creating an Issue
./ -versions="1.6"
User: italorossi

After typing your password, your editor will be opened with the following:

; Enter the description lines beginning with a ; will be ignored.
Type your description here then save and quit.

Then it'll ask for the summary:

User: italorossi
Summary: Testing, ignore me.
Issue Posted: FS-8096%

Issue Posted: FS-8096 .

Options Available:

Use -bug=FS-8096 to post a comment to an existing issue.
/tmp/trace.log  Attach file to existing issue: ./ -bug=FS-8096 -attach /tmp/test.log .
  Add "comment" to the issue.
 FS|DOCS You can create FS issues (FreeSWITCH) or DOC (Documentations) issues.
 Error when... Issue summary, if not specified you'll be prompted.
This happens when...Description of the problem, if not specified your editor will be opened.
mod_redis Component name, default to freeswitch-core, can be ',' separatted: "mod_conference,mod_redis,...".
 Git commit hash when you tested with current master.
 myuserJIRA username, if not provided you'll be prompted.
 mypass JIRA password, if not provided you'll be prompted.
"Bug|Task|New Feature"
 Default to Bug.
"1.6"  Affected Versions separated by space: "1.6 1.7".
Don't open you editor to edit description.
 Don't ask for all required fields. By default disabled, it'll ask for fields if you just ./

You can use the options in this way:

./ -user=italorossi -components=mod_conference -project=FS -type="Bug" ...

Fixing bugs

We'll use, it also has a few options like

-bug-bug=FS-8096JIRA issue ID
-msg"Fixing blah..."Commit message, if equals to 'edit' it'll open your text editor. If you don't specify this option, it'll default to: FS-8096 #resolve $summary

where $summary is the JIRA issue summary.

You can also use %s to expand to summary or %b to expand to JIRA issue ID in your comment. Ex: -comment="Fixed %b: %s".

-debug Output git commit command for debug purpose
-comment"try latest master"|edit

Comment to be added on JIRA issue.

-author"Italo Rossi"git commit author


./fixbug -bug=FS-8096 -msg="Fixed the script!" -comment="Fixed :)" -author="Italo Rossi"




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