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Signaling documentation.

This page should be used to collect various specifications and documentation for signaling protocols.

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ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network


The official specifications for SS7 are available from the ITU-T in the Q.7xx series recommendations. The entire Q series can be viewed at

ITU-T Q.7xx Series Recommendations
Document NumberDescription
[Q.700]Introduction to CCITT Signaling System No. 7
[Q.701]Functional description of the message transfer part (MTP) of Signaling System No. 7
[Q.702]Signaling data link
[Q.703]Signaling link
[Q.704]Signaling network functions and messages
[Q.705]Signaling network structure
[Q.706]Message transfer part signaling performance
[Q.707]Testing and maintenance
[Q.708]Assignment procedures for international signaling point codes
[Q.709]Hypothetical signaling reference connection
[Q.710]Simplified MTP for small systems
[Q.711]Functional description of the Signaling Connection Control Part
[Q.712]Definition and function of signaling connection control part messages
[Q.713]Signaling connection control part formats and codes
[Q.714]Signaling connection control part procedures
[Q.715]Signaling connection control part user guide
[Q.716]Signaling connection control part performance