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CommandDescriptionSyntaxExamplesMin. Version
agcAdjust conference automatic gain control.conference <confname> agc [on [<level>] | off]
Query level: conference testconf agc
Disable: conference testconf agc off
Enable: conference testconf agc on
Enable w/ level: conference testconf agc on 1120

bgdialBackground dial a destination via a specific endpoint conference <confname> bgdial <dial-string> [<callerid_number> [<callerid_name>]]

chkrecordQuery record status of conferenceconference <confname> chkrecord

deafMake a conference member deafconference <confname> deaf <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator

dialDial a destinationconference <confname> dial <dial-string> [<callerid_number> [<callerid_name>]]

dtmf Send DTMF to any member of the conferenceconference <confname> dtmf <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator <digits> conference testconf dtmf all 134
energyAdjusts the conference energy level for a specific member conference <confname> energy <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator <newval>

enter_soundChanges the sound played while entering the conferenceconference <confname> enter_sound on|off|none|file <filename>  

exit_soundChanges the sound played while leaving the conferenceconference <confname> exit_sound on|off|none|file <filename>  

floorToggle floor status of the member.conference <confname> <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator

file_seekSeek to a point in the currently playing file, in millisecondsconference <confname> file_seek [+|-]<val>

Move forward 1 second: conference testconf file_seek +1000

Move backwards 1 second: conference testconf file_seek -1000

Move to 10 seconds from the start: conference testconf file_seek 10000

file-volChanges the volume of the currently playing sound fileconference <confname> file-vol <val> [async]


Get runtime parameter of the given conference

(table of allowed parameters below)

conference <confname> get <parameter_name>

getvargets the value of a conference variableconference <confname> getvar <var-name>conference testconf getvar mycustomvar
hupKick without the kick soundconference <confname> hup <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator

kickKicks the member or all members from the conferenceconference <confname> kick <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator

listLists conferencesconference list [pretty|summary|count|delim <string>]

lockLock a conference so no new members will be allowed to enterconference <confname> lock

muteMutes a conference memberconference <confname> mute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]

nopinRemoves a pin from a conferenceconference <confname> nopin

norecordRemoves a recording or all recordings from a conferenceconference <confname> norecord <file-path>|all

conference testconf norecord all

conference testconf norecord /tmp/foo.wav

pausePause a conference recordingconference <confname> pause <file-path>

pause_playPause playback of file to a conferenceconference <confname> pause_play

pinSet or change a pin number for a conferenceconference <confname> pin <pin-number>

Note: Members joined from conference dial command

do not get prompted for a pin

playPlay an audio file to a conference or a specific memberconference <confname> play [{vol=<volume>,full-screen=true,png_ms=100}]<file-path> [async|<member_id> [nomux]]full-screen param will play the video in full screen mode in the conference,
png_ms depends on mod_png to be loaded, Specify a PNG file to play and how many milliseconds, -1 for indefinite

recordRecord a conference to a file or streamconference <confname> record <file-path>

recordingStart or control a conference recording

conference <confname> recording start <file-path>

conference <confname> recording check

conference <confname> recording stop <file-path>|all

conference <confname> recording pause <file-path>

conference <confname> recording resume <file-path>


Mute or Deaf a specific member to another member

Control who sees who's video when not using video mux

conference <confname> relate <member_id>[,<member_id>] <other_member_id>[,<other_member_id>] [nospeak|nohear|clear|sendvideo]

See expanded entry below.
resumeResume recordingconference <confname> resume <file-path>

saySpeak text into conference using TTSconference <confname> say <text>

saymemberSpeak text to a member of a conference using TTSconference <confname> saymember <member_id> <text>

setSet runtime parameter of a conferenceconference <confname> set <parameter_name> <value>

setvarsets the value of a confernce variableconference <confname> setvar <var-name> <var-value>conference testconf setvar mycustomvar 1234
stopStops any queued audio from playing into conferenceconference <confname> [current|all] [<member_id>]

tmuteToggle mute on/off for a member of a conferenceconference <confname> tmute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]

transferTransfer a member from one conference to another conferenceconference <confname> transfer <conference_name> <member_id>

undeafAllow conference member to hear againconference <confname> undeaf <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator

unlockUnlock a conference so that new members can enterconference <confname> unlock

unmuteUnmute a conference memberconference <confname> unmute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]

volume_inAdjust the gain on the audio coming from a memberconference <confname> volume_in <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<newval>]

volume_outAdjust the volume of audio going to a memberconference <confname> volume_out <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<newval>]

xml_listList all or specific conferences in XML format

conference xml_list

conference <confname> xml_list

vid-floor Set or force the video floor for a memberconference <confname> vid-floor <member_id>|last [force]
vmute Enable video mute for a memberconference <confname> vmute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]
tvmute Toggle video mute on/off for a memberconference <confname> tvmute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]
vmute-snap Take or clear a snapshot image of the member to be used during vmuteconference <confname> vmute-snap <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [clear]
unvmute Unmute video for a memberconference <confname> unvmute <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [quiet]
vid-banner Set a text banner on the members videoconference <confname> vid-banner <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator <text>
vid-mute-img Check, set or clear the file to use as the members video mute imageconference <confname> vid-mute-img <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<path>|clear]

Check, set or clear the file to use as the members video logo image

conference <confname> vid-logo-img <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<path>|clear]

 conference foo vid-logo-img 1 {options}/path/to/png

 conference foo vid-logo-img 1 clear

*see settable channel var video_logo_path below for all the options you can use with this vid-logo-img api

vid-res-id Set or clear the video reservation id for this memberconference <confname> vid-res-id <member_id>|all <val>|clear [force]

conference foo vid-res-id 1 res-bar

conference foo vid-res-id 2 res-baz force

conference foo vid-res-id all clear

clear-vid-floor Clear when the video floor is locked to a userconference <confname> clear-vid-floor
vid-layout List available video mux layouts or set the layout or group to use in the video muxconference <confname> vid-layout list|<layout-name>|group <group_name> [<canvas_id>]
vid-fpsSet the frames per second rate of the video mux output for the conferenceconference <confname> vid-fps <fps>
vid-bandwidthSet the bandwidth used by the output video from the conferenceconference <confname> vid-bandwidth <BW>
vid-write-pngTake a snapshot of the current video mux output and save it to a PNG fileconference <confname> vid-write-png <path>
vid-canvasSet the canvas to display this member onconference <confname> vid-canvas  <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<canvas_id>]
vid-watching-canvasSet the canvas displayed to this memberconference <confname> vid-watching-canvas  <member_id>|all|last|non_moderator [<canvas_id>]


VariableDescriptionExampleMin. Version
conference_controlsSpecify which conference control set to use when transferring a caller into a conference
<action application="set" data="conference_controls=moderator"/>


Allows the conference security to be overridden. This applies in two different scenarios, one for inbound and one for outbound.

By default, conference security is always applied to inbound calls and is always skipped for outbound calls.


<action application="set" data="conference_enforce_security=false"/>
<action application="conference" data="3000"/>


originate {conference_enforce_security=true}sofia/internal/1001 &conference(3000)

conference_enter_soundOverrides the conference parameter for enter sound
<action application="set" data="conference_enter_sound=silence_stream://10"/>

conference_exit_soundOverrides the conference parameter for exit sound
<action application="set" data="conference_exit_sound=silence_stream://10"/> 

conference_flagsA comma separated list of conference flags, which will be applied when the conference is created. This allows to dynamically set the conference flags from the dial plan as opposed to setting them in the conference profile.
<action application="set" data="conference_flags=wait-mod,audio-always"/>

conference_member_flagsA comma separated list of member flags to be set on the channel, which is joining the conference.
<action application="set" data="conference_member_flags=mute"/>


This variable controls how the enter and exit sounds interact with the MOH when the wait_mod flag is set. When this variable is set to true, the MOH keeps playing and
the enter and exit sounds are mixed with the MOH. When the variable is false or not set, then any playing MOH is first stopped, then the enter or exit sound is played and the MOH is started again.

This functionality is useful in case the enter and exit sounds are used to announce the name of the caller, who is joining or leaving a conference.

video_banner_textSets the video banner text, font, font size, font color, background color, min/max font size for the member (must be set before entering conference). font_scale valid values float between 5-50, fg/bg hex color code, min/max font size 5-24, all settings besides text are optional.<action application="set" data="video_banner_text={font_face=/path/to/font.ttf,font_scale=5,bg=#000000,fg=#FFFFFF,min_font_size=8,max_font_size=14}Banner Text"/>1.6
video_mute_bannerSets the video mute banner text, font, font size, font color, background color, min/max font size for the member (must be set before entering conference). font_scale valid values float between 5-50, fg/bg hex color code, min/max font size 5-24, all settings besides text are optional.<action application="set" data="video_mute_banner={font_face=/path/to/font.ttf,font_scale=5,bg=#000000,fg=#FFFFFF,min_font_size=8,max_font_size=14}VIDEO MUTED"/>1.6
video_avatar_png Path to PNG file to use when an avatar image is needed. <action application="set" data="video_avatar_png=/path/to/file.png"/>1.6
video_mute_png Path to PNG file to use when you video mute, by default it will use your last video frame (overrides video_avatar_png). <action application="set" data="video_mute_png=/path/to/file.png"/>1.6
video_no_video_avatar_pngPath to PNG file for member without video to display (overrides video_avatar_png).<action application="set" data="video_no_video_avatar_png=/path/to/file.png"/>1.6

set video replacement avatar images

<action application="set" data="video_avatar_png=/path/to/file.png"/>1.6
video_initial_canvasSet to the initial canvas member should be displayed on<action application="set" data="video_initial_canvas=2"/>1.6
video_initial_watching_canvasSet to the initial canvas member should see<action application="set" data="video_initial_watching_canvas=2"/>


video_use_dedicated_encoderIf set to true, it allows the channel to have a dedicated encoder with its own bandwidth settings<action application="set" data="video_use_dedicated_encoder=true"/>1.6
conference_auto_recordEnable recording for this conference.<action application="set" data="conference_auto_record=/tmp/${strftime(%Y-%m-%d %H:%M)}.wav"/>1.6
video_logo_pathset an image logo, and optional text overlay

<action application="set" data="video_logo_path={position=left-bot,text_x=center,center_offset=190,text=#000000:transparent:/var/ccw/font/AEH.ttf:50:'${toupper ${caller_id_name}}',alt_text_x=center,alt_center_offset=190,alt_text_y=88,alt_text=#ffffff:transparent:/path/to/font/AEH.ttf:40:'${caller_id_number}'}/var/png/freeswitch.png"/>

Parameters separated by a comma (,) are as follows:

position=left-top | left-mid | left-bot | center-top | center-mid | center-bot | right-top | right-mid | right-bot
fit=fit-size | fit-scale | fit-size-and-scale | fit-necessary
center_offset=[ 0 or higher ]
text_x=[ 0 or higher | center ]
text_y=[ 0 or higher ]
alt_center_offset=[ 0 or higher ]
alt_text_x=[ 0 or higher | center ]
alt_text_y=[ 0 or higher ]

text=  and alt_text= arguments separated by colon (:) are as follows:

foreground     a hex notation color code i.e. #FF0000 for red
background   a hex notation color code or can be the word transparent
font_face       a path to your font face i.e. /usr/share/font/monospace.ttf
font_size       a decimal value, or percentage value i.e.  10 or 10%
txt                  the literal text to display over the image logo

You could potentially use your name in text=x:x:x:x:${caller_id_name} and email, phone, or whatever in alt_text=x:x:x:x:${caller_id_number}
and give alt_text_y slightly different y value so they're not on top of each other...


These options prepend the path of the file within { } curly braces, also notice video_logo_path and vid-logo-img achieve the same thing

when using these options in dialplan, utilize video_logo_path like this

Code Block
<action application="set" data="video_logo_path={OPTIONS}/path/to/my.png"/>

when using these options in fs_cli or esl, utilize vid-logo-img like this

Code Block
conference CONF vid-logo-img 1 {OPTIONS}/path/to/my.png

Conference Variables

Conference level variables can be set on the profile, in the variables section of the profile.

Code Block
titleConference Variables Example
    <profile name="default">
		<variable name="mycustomvar" value="customvalue">

Since version 1.10.8 variables can also be set using the conference "getvar" and "setvar" api commands.

Sound files

Just about any format is supported, but currently it must be at the sample rate of the conference (no resampling is done). Since disk is cheaper than CPU, use a wav.