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brew install autoconf automake curl ffmpegffmpeg@4 jpeg ldns libpq libsndfile libtiff libtool lua openssl opus pcre pkg-config speex speexdsp sqlite yasm signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/flite signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/libks signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/signalwire-c signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/spandsp signalwire/homebrew-signalwire/sofia-sip

brew link ffmpeg@4

Ignore any keg-only messages, they mean an alias (link) for the package was not placed into /usr/local/bin because brew found that macOS has another version installed. This is not a problem because the FreeSWITCH™ installation process searches Homebrew directories to find prerequisite packages.

titleAlready had some prerequisites installed?

If non-Apple compilers are installed, or prerequisites were installed without homebrew, there may be problems.