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Table of Contents


Who Is This For?

This document is for people not familiar with Unix commands and directories. The detailed explanations insinuate a long procedure, don't let that deter you, it takes about two hours to have the sample FreeSWITCH™ configuration running on OS X, not including backups.

What You Should Already Know
You must know your way around the OS X FinderDock and Textedit. You should also be familiar with the standard OS X folders (directories) such as Applications, Utilities, Downloads, Users, etc.

New To You
A new folder (directory) called /usr/local, it's part of the UNIX standard directories. We'll use a few Unix commands such as: cdmkdirlscpmv,chmodchown, and sudo. You don't need to learn about them unless you change the steps or directories used in this document.



If you have not read the Mac OS X page please view it now.

Warnings About Upgraded Systems

Upgraded OS X Systems


titleUpgraded OS X or Xcode ?

All testing for these instructions was performed on a clean/non-upgraded OS X and Xcode system, without issues. Most upgraded OS X or Xcode systems will work depending on the level of the oldest software. Some upgraded systems had problems due to old files left in different directories. 

If there are problems installing prerequisites check if the OS X release was upgraded, for instance from 10.7 or 10.8 to a newer system. The older the original system the more likely problems will occur.

Also check if Xcode was upgraded, for instance from Xcode 4 or 5 to a newer Xcode. The older the original Xcode the more likely problems will occur.

In some cases older upgraded systems had issues due to old parts of a prior OS X or Xcode still intact. In these cases a fresh OS X and Xcode install may required.

Upgraded Xcode

titlePrerequisites Previously Installed Differently?
If prerequisites were previously installed using different methods and there are problems, you should build OS X from scratch. In tests, using Homebrew or the script below worked every time on freshly installed OS X systems.



titleThe OS X FreeSWITCH™ Installer

If the OS X system is 10.9 or later, consider using the OS X FreeSWITCH™ Installer. It automates most of the steps in the release instructions below and saves a lot of time! Check it out at Installation on OS X using AppleScript.

Select OS X Release