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0. About

Bind a key sequence or regular expression to an action to match on incoming DTMF tones.

1. Description

The bind_digit_action application is very similar to mod_dptools: bind_meta_app but is better, more flexible, and can be used to replace it in all cases.

Be aware that when using bind_digit_action you may inadvertently break other apps that rely upon DTMFs. This is because any digits that match a pattern are consumed by bind_digit_action, and thus will not be sent through.

However, any non-matching digits will be sent through. Therefore you should make sure that you don't have any regular expressions (or regexes) that "grab everything" unless you are equipped to handle that scenario.

bind_digit_action uses the concept of realms for binding various actions.

  • A realm is similar to a dialplan context where the dialed number means something different depending upon which context the call is in.
    (Could also be perceived as a state in a finite state machine.)

  • You may bind one or more digits or a regular expression (also called regex) to an action.

Note that you cannot "capture" digits in bind_digit_action.

TODO Is this still valid? Section 3.4 Capture dialed digits describes exactly this scenario, and there's even a channel variable for it.

2. Syntax

<action application="bind_digit_action" data="<realm>,<binding>,<command_string>[,<value>][,<dtmf_target_leg>][,<event_target_leg>]"/>


Somewhat similar to a dialplan context (see XML Dialplan) or a state in a finite state machine.

To clear or remove the digit bindings, use mod_dptools: clear_digit_action.

To switch between realms, use mod_dptools: digit_action_set_realm.


<binding> can either be

TODO Only assuming PCRE-compatibility because other module descriptions mention it, and one of FreeSWITCH dependencies is the PCRE library.



<command_string> Description
exec:<dialplan_app>To execute a dialplan application.

To issue a FreeSWITCH API command.

exec:execute_extension,att_xfer XML default,both,self



OPTIONAL Contains the arguments to the <command_string> 


OPTIONAL Possible values: 

  • self (the default) 
  • peer 
  • both 
  • Any other value is treated as self.

OPTIONAL See <dtmf_target_leg> above


3. Examples

3.0 Usage

<action application="bind_digit_action" data="my_digits,11,exec:execute_extension,att_xfer XML default,both,self"/>
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="my_digits,11,api:hupall"/>

3.1 Two-realm example 1

TODO Is this right? "The initial realm is test1 (set by mod_dptools: digit_action_set_realm), and realm myrealm is never used, but shows how to use multiple realms."

<action application="bind_digit_action" data="myrealm,500,exec:playback,ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav"/>
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="test1,456,exec:playback,ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav"/>
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="test1,##,exec:execute_extension,mix_welcome_to_freeswitch"/>
<action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="test1"/>

3.2 Two-realm example 2

  • The initial realm is cool (set by mod_dptools: digit_action_set_realm),
  • dialling 500 or any number starting with 7 will start playing the ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav file, and
  • any sequence of numbers that start with the digit 1 will switch between realms (or contexts or states).
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="cool,500,exec:playback,ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav"/> 
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="cool,~7\d{3},exec:playback,ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav"/> 
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="cool,~1\d+,exec:digit_action_set_realm,rad"/> 
<action application="bind_digit_action" data="rad,~1\d+,exec:digit_action_set_realm,cool"/> 
<action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="cool"/>

3.3 Call Recording

TODO From the comment section:

Denis  2016.01.26

Call Recording On/Off Switch - work only with 1 bind, you can not make several binds - after enable|disable record and switch context we got new bindings with new realm.

The following dialplan example demonstrates how to use bind_digit_action to create an on/off sequence for call recording.  We'll use *2 as the key sequence that toggles the record, but you can use whichever key sequence you see fit.

We need three different extensions for this operation:

  • The SETUP_RECORDING extension
  • The START_RECORDING extension
  • The STOP_RECORDING extension

3.3.1 Extension definitions

<extension name="setup bind_digit_action_recording"> 
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^SETUP_RECORDING$">
    <action application="log" data="INFO Configuring bind_digit_action to do recording on this session..."/>
    <action application="bind_digit_action" data="start_recording,*2,exec:execute_extension,START_RECORDING XML default"/>
    <action application="bind_digit_action" data="stop_recording,*2,exec:execute_extension,STOP_RECORDING XML default"/>
    <action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="start_recording"/>

<extension name="bind_digit_action Start Recording">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^START_RECORDING$">
    <action application="log" data="INFO Starting recording..."/>
    <action application="record_session" data="${rec_file}"/>
    <action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="stop_recording"/>

<extension name="bind_digit_action Stop Recording">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^STOP_RECORDING$">
    <action application="log" data="INFO Stop recording [${rec_file}]"/>
    <action application="stop_record_session" data="${rec_file}"/>
    <action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="start_recording"/>

3.3.2 Application

Now we need to apply this to our inbound and outbound calls. Outbound calls

Outbound calls (A leg) are simple, just add an execute extension:

<!-- ... -->
<action application="execute_extension" data="SETUP_RECORDING XML default"/>
<action application="bridge" data="<your bridge stuff here>"/>
<!-- ... --> Inbound calls

For inbound calls (or the B leg) you need to do a little bit more.

Add this to the Local_Extension after the bind_digit_action calls:

<!-- ... -->
<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_app=execute_extension"/>
<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_data=SETUP_RECORDING XML default"/>
<!-- ... -->

3.4 Capture dialed digits

Sometimes it is useful to know what digit(s) the caller dialed, especially when using a regular expression to capture digits. This is done with a channel variable called last_matching_digits that is updated with each match.

This dialplan snippet demonstrates how it works:

<extension name="Bind a regex">
  <condition field="dialed_number" expression="^(9921)$">
    <action application="bind_digit_action" data="my_digits,~^\d+,exec:execute_extension,LOG_DIGITS XML default"/>
    <action application="digit_action_set_realm" data="my_digits"/>

<extension name="Display digits dialled">
  <condition field="dialled_number" expression="^LOG_DIGITS$">
    <action application="log" data="INFO Called dialled ${last_matching_digits}"/>
    <action application="say" data=" en number iterated ${last_matching_digits}"/>

3.5 Lua example

While on a call, you can dial 555, 556, or 557.

Put this in your dialplan extension "Local_Extension":

 <action application="lua" data="test.lua"/>

and this in ${scripts_dir}/test.lua file

wav1 = "ivr/ivr-welcome_to_freeswitch.wav"
wav2 = "ivr/ivr-you_are_number_one.wav"

session:execute("bind_digit_action","myrealm,555,exec:playback," .. wav1);

session:execute("bind_digit_action","myrealm,556,exec:playback," .. wav1 .. "#" .. wav2);

session:execute("bind_digit_action","myrealm,557,exec:playback,file_string://" .. wav1 .. "!" .. wav2);

4. Channel Variables

See Channel Variables Catalog to see all channel variables.

Channel variable nameDescription



Inter-digit timeout, in milliseconds. This sets the time to wait between individual dialed digits.

Default value is 1500 milliseconds.

Mostly only useful in conjunction with mod_dptools: play_and_get_digits in the same dialplan extension.

See section 3.1 in mod_dptools: bind_digit_action.


<!-- To wait 10 seconds between digits: -->
<execute application="set" data="bind_digit_digit_timeout=10000" />



Overall timeout, in milliseconds. This sets the overall time to wait for the entire digit sequence to be entered.

Default value is 0 milliseconds.

Mostly only useful in conjunction with mod_dptools: play_and_get_digits in the same dialplan extension.

See section 3.1 in mod_dptools: bind_digit_action.


<execute application="set" data="bind_digit_input_timeout=10000" />

4.1 Example use case: using mod_dptools: play_and_get_digits and mod_dptools: bind_digit_action together

TODO Still not sure why one would need to use these two together.

Quoting from [Freeswitch-users] problem with "play_and_get_digits" command (DTMF delay time):

 Click here to expand the mailing list thread

Manish Talwar manish.talwar at
Tue Aug 25 16:56:25 MSD 2015


I have found one small problem with "play_and_get_digits" command.

We have a IVR application and I am trying to get either "16 digit" card number or "0" for move to customer support from the user.

Please find my dialplan as follows: 2015-08-25 18:05:37.535806 [CRIT] mod_httapi.c:1148 Debugging Return Data:

<document type="xml/freeswitch-httapi">
<execute application="log" data="card number inputed: 2"/>
<execute application="flush_dtmf"/>
<execute application="sleep" data="2000"/>
<execute application="clear_digit_action" data="my_digit" />
<execute application="bind_digit_action" data="my_digit,~\d{16}|^[0]{1},exec:transfer,dummy_transfer" />
<execute action="http://localhost:8080/ivr/fsentercardnumber/response/" application="play_and_get_digits" data="0 16 1 1000 # en-US/enter_card_number.mp3 '' Digits '' 1000 '' " />
<getVariable name="Digits"/>
<execute action="http://localhost:8080/ivr/fsentercardnumber/response/" application="play_and_get_digits" data="0 16 1 20000 # en-US/menu_speak_csr.mp3 '' Digits '' 20000 '' " />
<getVariable name="Digits"/>
<execute application="clear_digit_action" data="my_digit" />

 It is working fine as expected if user input 16 digit number continuously without any delay. After getting full 16 digit number it will match the "bind_digit_action" and move to other dialplan. But my problem is if a user enter card number slowly then its trying to match already inputed DTMF values with matching binding and received next inputed value as different DTMF values. As a example, if I tried to input 55 and then wait for 1-2 seconds then Freeswitch tried to match 55 with binding.

2015-08-25 18:05:39.535920 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_play_say.c:1305 Codec Activated L1 6 at 8000hz 1 channels 20ms 
2015-08-25 18:05:39.755933 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:5819 RTP RECV DTMF 5:2080 
2015-08-25 18:05:40.015948 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:5819 RTP RECV DTMF 5:2080 
2015-08-25 18:05:41.536035 [DEBUG] mod_dptools.c:132 sofia/internal/18188535351@ Digit NOT match binding [55] 
2015-08-25 18:05:41.536035 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:486 RECV DTMF 5:2000 
2015-08-25 18:05:41.536035 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:582 sofia/internal/181885353 51 at Queue dtmf digit=5 ms=250 samples=2000 
2015-08-25 18:05:41.536035 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:486 RECV DTMF 5:2000 
2015-08-25 18:05:41.536035 [DEBUG] switch_channel.c:582 sofia/internal/181885353 51 at Queue dtmf digit=5 ms=250 samples=2000

 I don't want fresswtich tried to match the binding if there is any pause time while inputed the number as user can type slowly. I want to reset this binding delay time so that user can type slowly and we will get full 16 digits number for matching inputed value in certain time interval. Please suggest me how can I resolve this problem and increase the DTMF delay time. Thanks, Regards, Manish Talwar

Michael Collins msc at
Wed Aug 26 18:42:32 MSD 2015]

Is there a reason that you're trying to use both bind_digit_action and play_and_get_digits? Normally you'd use just one or the other, and if you're explicitly asking the user for input then I'd think that you would only need play_and_get_digits.


Manish Talwar manish.talwar at
Thu Aug 27 09:16:24 MSD 2015]


Thank you for your response. Actually, we are using multiple play_and_get_digits in a single dialplan. And when user inputed any matching format of input then we need to leave all remaining play_and_get_digits commands of that dialplan. That is why I used bind_digit_action also in same dialplan.

Please suggest how do we make the changes for this concern, how do we break the dialplan when required matching input found. Basically, its works fine as our requirement but we need to increase the DTMF delay time only, whenever user inputed slowly then its take the chunk of inputed data and tried to match the bind_digit_action expression. As its break the DTMF into many chunks so its not matching expected regular expression of command. Please suggest. Thanks,


Manish Talwar

Michael Collins msc at
Fri Aug 28 21:45:06 MSD 2015

I found this in mod_dptools.c inside the bind_to_session function:

    if (!(dmachine = switch_core_session_get_dmachine(session, target))) {
        uint32_t digit_timeout = 1500;
        uint32_t input_timeout = 0;
        const char *var;

        if ((var = switch_channel_get_variable(channel,
"bind_digit_digit_timeout"))) {
            digit_timeout = switch_atoul(var);

        if ((var = switch_channel_get_variable(channel,
"bind_digit_input_timeout"))) {
            input_timeout = switch_atoul(var);

        switch_ivr_dmachine_create(&dmachine, "DPTOOLS", NULL,
digit_timeout, input_timeout, NULL, digit_nomatch_action_callback, session);
        switch_core_session_set_dmachine(session, dmachine, target);

It appears that there might be two channel variables for you to try:

These appear not to be documented at present, so I think you can help pay
it forward by tinkering with them and then reporting back what you find
out. As a guess, I'd say you're running into an issue with people who spend
more than 1.5 seconds between digits. (It appears the default is 1500ms.)
Try setting the bind_digit_digit_timeout value in the dialplan. Set it to
something absurdly long like 7500 so that you can know for sure it is

Please report back with your findings so that the docs team can document
this. Bonus points if you document it yourself. :)

Hope this helps,
Manish Talwar manish.talwar at
Mon Aug 31 14:34:30 MSD 2015

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your help.

Its working fine now with setting the value of "bind_digit_digit_timeout" and "bind_digit_input_timeout" channel variable. I have set it as 10000 and its wait till 10 sec now for matching the regular expression.

<execute application="set" data="bind_digit_digit_timeout=10000" />

<execute application="set" data="bind_digit_input_timeout=10000" />

Its working fine with me, your docs team can document this if required.



Manish Talwar

5. Notes

5.1 Using bind_digit_action with a conference 

Be aware that when using bind_digit_action you may inadvertently break other apps that rely upon DTMFs. This is because any digits that match a pattern are consumed by bind_digit_action, and thus will not be sent through.

However, any non-matching digits will be sent through. Therefore you should make sure that you don't have any regular expressions (or regexes) that "grab everything" unless you are equipped to handle that scenario.

The bind_digit_action can definitely be used with conferences, however the above rule about matching digits still applies. Make sure that any keys that you wish to be available to your callers to control the conference (i.e. the conference caller-controls) do not "match" in your bind_digit_actions. There should be no overlap or overload of defined digits.

If you have a PIN on your conference then you will need to make sure that the PIN code also does not "match" any of your bound digit actions, otherwise bind_digit_action will consume the digits that the caller dials and will *not* send them on to the conference! This results in a caller not being able to join a conference that is locked with a PIN code.

5.2 Inband vs. 2833 DTMFs

The bind_digit_action supports both inband and 2833 DTMFs. For an example on how to check the SDP for RFC 2833 and automatically start in-inband dtmf detection look in conf/dialplan/default.xml and locate the "global" extension. The 2833 detection is commented out by default.

TODO RFC 2833 is obsoleted by RFC 4733.

5.3 Setting on the B leg

TODO How does this relate to section 3.3? Didn't touch this section.

Here are several choices:

Set the dtmf target leg to "peer" (see above)

These 2 vars on the A leg using the set app:

<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_app=bind_digit_action"/>
<action application="set" data="bridge_pre_execute_bleg_data=whatever"/>

This var with export app:

<action application="export" data="nolocal:execute_on_answer=bind_digit_action whatever"/>

These vars with export app:

<action application="export" data="nolocal:bridge_pre_execute_app=bind_digit_action"/>
<action application="export" data="nolocal:bridge_pre_execute_data=whatever"/>

or one of these vars in the dial string {}:

{execute_on_answer='bind_digit_action whatever'}

6. See Also

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