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Set multiple channel variables for the channel calling the application.


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multiset [^^<delim>]<varname>=<value> <var2>=<val2>"

This application may be run [[Dialplan_XML#Inline_Actions|inline]] from the XML dialplan.

The default separator is a space. If you want to use a different character, you can start with ^^<delim> where <delim> is any character you would like to use as a delimiter.


<action application="multiset" data="effective_caller_id_name=FreeSwitch effective_caller_id_number=12345678"/>
<action application="multiset" data="^^:effective_caller_id_name=FreeSwitch:effective_caller_id_number=12345678"/>


As with set, the variables will not be set until execution. If you need it right away in a condition, run it [[Dialplan_XML#Inline_Actions|inline]].

Alternatively, the variable will be available after a transfer or execute_extension.

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