Send a text message to an IM client.


<action application="chat" data="protocol | from_jid | to_jid | message | [<content-type>]"/>

Fields are separated with the pipe | character. Whitespace is allowed between the pipe character and the data fields.

protocol — One of sip, verto, jingle; others? add here.

from_jid — uri of the originator or sender

to_jid — uri of the recipient of the message

message — the body of the message to send

content-type — defaults to text


Here is an example sending to SIP and Verto endpoints:

freeswitch@default>chat sip|Server@FS.local|1000@domain.local|Hello chat via SIP!
freeswitch@default>chat verto|Server@FS.local|1000@domain.local|Hello chat via Verto!



$api = new freeswitch::API();
$foo = $api->execute("chat", "jingle|from_jid|to_jid|test Jingle message"); 


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